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With over 250 booths featuring over 900 juried hand-craft artisans and over 70 gourmet food booths, you’ll need all three days to try and absorb all there is to offer. Here are links to the web pages of some of our crafters.

Andy Lucas Jewelry, Booth 814

B. Coole Designs, Booth M66

Bella Luz, Booth L77

Blessed Bead, Booth 195

Bright Creations Art, Booth 943

Capricorn Creations, Booth M64

Colorburst Studios, Booth 234

Columbines and Wizardy Herbs, Booth 84

Country Spirit Footwear, Booth 951

Craigor Clark Jewelry, Booth 814

Deva Luna, Booth 68

Dusty Rose Perfumery & Eclectic Gallery, Booth 45

Fantasy Lane Copper Fairies, Booth L74

Fresh Picked Rainbows, Booth 207

Gabbiano Leather, Booth 684

Glass Marbles, Booth P10

The Hat People, Booth 238

Hippo Products, Booth L-04

Holy Lamb Organics

Hundreth Munchy – Strolling vendor

BoothItali Lambertini Goldsmiths L12

James Nason Designs, Booth 224

Keltic DesignsBooth L68

Marcus Castaing, Booth 051

Mark S. McNutt, Booth 630

Michelle Homan, Booth L73

Mirkwood Booth

Moccasin Company, Booth 343

Obsidian Windchimes, Booth 86

Off the Waffle Food Booth

Oregon Midwifery

Organic Attire, Booth L21

Owls Eye Images

Pacific Yurts

Papa Don’s Toys, Booth 416

R.B.I. Artisans, Strolling Vendor

Sacred Hollow

Sacred Light, Booth P34

Seattle Utilikilts

Sharon Aronowitz, Booth 55

Simmons Natural Bodycare, Booth 073

Solid Design Woodworking, Booth 941

Stone Parker Jewelry, Booth 814

Thalia Truesdell, Booth 616

Thormahlen Harps, Booth L60

Tigermoon Bags, Booth 388

Touch the Earth, Booth 386

Terra Firma Botanicals, Booth M39

Touch the Sky Books, Booth 372

Walking Liberty Moccasins

Wassman Art Effects

Wild Works Ltd., Booth 191

Winship Designs