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Name: Sherilyn Sunflower
Phone: 541-740-9234
Email: SunflowerInspirations@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sunflowerinspirations.com

Last updated: April 9th, 2024

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About the Artisan

Products include Gaia Wrap food wraps, meditation pillows, willow baskets and obelisks.

My first craft to jury in at Fair was Willow Baskets. I then added hand-painted Meditation Pillows, Gaia Wraps and most Recently Playing Card Holders.

Willow Baskets and obelisks – I harvest, sort, dry, soak and weave willow baskets from both native and European willows. I specialize in shopping, harvest, and laundry baskets. I occasionally have Willow Obelisks at Fair as well.

Gaia Wraps and Bags for Food – These are reusable food wraps to replace plastic wrap and bags in the kitchen and beyond. I use cotton, local beeswax, coconut oil, and pine resin.

Meditation Pillows – Hand-painted and stuffed with buckwheat hulls these are generally half-moon shaped. Painted designs are on top with pretty designed fabrics on the sides.

Playing Card Holders – These are upcycled cds and dvds covered in fabric and sewn together with buttons. They are great for holding your cards during a game.

Special orders are available.

All crafts are available at the Breitenbush giftshop.

Instagram: @SunflowerInpirations2u

Facebook: @Sunflower Inspirations

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