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Sticks & Stones

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Name: Benjamin Posin
Phone: 503-477-9894
Email: ben@sticksandstonespdx.com
Website: https://www.sticksandstonesjewelry.com

Last updated: May 22nd, 2018

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About the Artisan

Sticks & Stones is a high end, jewelry line hand crafted from exotic woods, and other organic materials, (antler, stone, metal, fossil, etc.) The company was started in 2009, and is based out of Portland, Oregon. They specialize in taking rare exotic materials, and turning them into wearable art through dedication to quality in craftsmanship. Constant evolution is at the forefront of the brand, from product lines, to different materials, new designs, and even custom work. You can find Sticks & Stones pieces across the United States, and in boutique retailers along the West Coast.

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Sticks & Stones