Serving the Fern Ridge Community

KOCF is a low power community radio station broadcasting to the Fern Ridge Communities of Elmira, Veneta, Noti, Crow, Alvadore, and surrounding communities of Coburg, Junction City, and parts of West Eugene on 92.7 FM. We also stream all of our programming 24x7x365 at kocf.org for the rest of the planet. Come visit us!

KOCF Mission Statement 

The mission of KOCF-Fern Ridge Radio is to enhance the educational purpose and outreach of the Oregon Country Fair through partnerships and broadcasting relevant content to the local community.

KOCF provides a platform for the greater Fern Ridge and Oregon Country Fair communities to have locally produced FM radio programming.

To meet this mission, KOCF Fern Ridge Community Radio will partner with local organizations, schools, businesses and individuals. By sharing the broadcast day, and presenting programming relevant to the local area, the Oregon Country Fair continues to enhance its partnerships in the Fern Ridge community.

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