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Name: Michele Chmielewski
Phone: 208-659-3403
Email: idahoartfromtheheart@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/idahoartfromtheheart/home

Last updated: June 16th, 2021

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About the Artisan

Products include Crystal healing, Esoteric, Flowers, Herbs, Paper arts, Produce.

Momma Misha’s Affordable Art: mixed media, paintings, & enamels for you to enjoy and love for your very own!

I love creating mixed-media art! I can use all my interests: painting, photography, textures, layering, collage, and enameling.
I feel art is a sharing and healing experience for the artist and the viewer. I am also juried for healing arts. I create:

  • Magical Paintings and Mixed Media – Created with acrylics, watercolor, mixed media on paper, canvas, prints, cards, bookmarks
  • Photography – Prints, cards, bookmarks
  • Vibrational Energy Healing – Chakra balancing with Reiki and Crystals (available remotely); empowerment to change and heal
  • Intuitive Soul Portraits – Healing artwork created specifically for clients to heal and connect deeply with the self

Find me on Facebook: @visionsofgrandeurart, @L34L34, @BabasHealingWisdom
On Instagram: @idahoartfromtheheart
On Etsy: @mommamisha


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Momma Misha’s Art