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Name: Martha Jones
Phone: 530-798-3048
Email: mj@greenmosaics.com
Website: https://greenmosaics.com/

Last updated: June 29th, 2020

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About the Artisan

I call these Views of the River from Above.

As a Reuse/Upcycle artist, my work is created exclusively from discarded materials. I source these tesserae from salvage yards, thrift stores, yard sales, off the street, or it’s gifted. Stone, clay, brass, antlers, fungi, shells, bone, lichens.
Always different. Always unique.
Commission/Custom work available.

Instagram: @greenmosaics
Email me with any questions below!

Peace and health
Martha Jones Dapper Scrapper
Green Mosaics in my other life.

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Dapper Scrapper