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Pottery by Mitch & Michelle

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Last updated: June 28th, 2020

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About the Artisan

Products include Dinnerware, Lanterns, Mugs, Murals, Sculptures, Vases.

Mitch and Michelle Deaderick have been Northwest Potters for over 40 years. The Cascades mountain range and Sisters, Oregon where they live, have inspired them to bring the beauty of nature into their work. Mitch started selling his pottery at the Oregon Country Fair in 1978 and has enjoyed raising his family at the fair. His wife Michelle has been part of the fair family for almost 40 years and recently began selling her own hand-built bird sculptures. Find us on Facebook at Pottery by Mitch.

Mitch combines function with beauty to create one of a kind ceramics. He is widely known for his mugs and other household staples.

Michelle creates hand-built ceramic bird sculptures. Her sculptures each have their own theme and add unique beauty to any home.

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Pottery by Mitch & Michelle