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The Hat People

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Name: James Young
Phone: 541 973 4325
Email: jimyoung@mind.net
Website: http://www.hatpeople.com/

Last updated: July 3rd, 2020

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About the Artisan

Hat People makes cloth sewn hats in wool, cotton, linen & hemp. They are designed for daily wear and can be regularly washed in cold water. We also feature hat garnishments featuring feathers, beads & findings for that special touch!

Rose Kelila designs clothing with her own original flare for both men & women.

Carol & I brought Hat People into being while living deep in the woods, on Silver Creek, in the Siskiyou National Forest. The water was pure, the trees were ancient, and the year was 1978. I had participated, as an Artisan, the year Country Fair moved to the Kesey land (its present location), so I was well aware that the Artisan lifestyle was a fit for our remote existence in the Oregon Wilderness. Carol had made hats during her waterfront days in Sausalito, and she traveled with a hand crank sewing machine. We were in business!

There have been some changes made in the last 42 years. Hat People became a family partnership 8 years ago when Jacob founded Hat People North, and joined the Portland Saturday Market. His latest project has been to create a site selling ~ Ready Made :: Size Specific ~ Hat People Hats ~ at https://www.newsboycap.com .
Another project, where Jacob has invested his enthusiasm, is a set of Hat People videos, complete with puppet shows; for our Hat People Facebook page. Check them out at::::> https://www.facebook.com/HatPeople/videos

The Hat People South Studio is back at the Hat Ranch after 14 years at the ArtWing in Ashland, and just over a year at a sweet space in Medford. This move has been great for the garden. Carol & I are dedicated to both gardening and bee keeping. It’s a passion. You can catch the flavor of our endeavors at https://www.hatgarden.com.

Stay healthy and inspired. Let us celebrate our community! Have a great time in whatever you do! ~ Jim

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