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Name: Janae and Gary Stephens
Phone: 707-459-1207
Email: contact@organicattire.com
Website: http://www.organicattire.com

Last updated: March 25th, 2024

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About the Artisan

We are Janae & Gary Stephens of Organic Attire and create unique, hand-dyed & hand-printed organic cotton clothing. We purchase organic cotton, free from pesticides and carcinogens, design our clothing, and work with a pattern maker and local company to cut and sew.

Using low-impact dyes, we dye in small batches using random & low immersion dye techniques, which produce a softly textured background on each item that is one of a kind. After washing and drying, we use rubber blocks, some hand-cut & some made from a photographic process, to hand block-print our artwork onto the front and back of each garment. Some designs are also hand-painted with ink or color magnet solution. Our inks are non-toxic, water-based acrylic and produce a lasting print soft to the touch.

We work and live on a hydro- and solar-powered homestead in Northern CA.

You can find us on Facebook: @organicattire


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