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Elquino Arte

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Name: Gerardo Fuenzalida
Phone: 541-359-0744
Email: elquinoarte@gmail.com
Website: https://elquino.com/

Last updated: March 25th, 2024

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About the Artisan

Elquino Arte creates unique designs entirely by hand. We offer a modern interpretation of the craftsman tradition, always considering quality, durability, and functionality in all of our products. We promote the values of self-teaching and self-employment to others who want to walk the roads of the craft.

We hand-cut original patterns out of leather upon which we create designs using steel tool stamps, after which we sew them together through punched holes with leather cord. Some are then inlaid with various hand-woven macrame designs integrating a variety of gemstones and fossils using durable polyester cord. In other pieces, the gemstones and fossils are inlaid directly into the leather. I use solid metal rivets and buckles, rings, clasps, and zippers to complete these functional and often convertible designs. Much attention is paid to creating pieces with an assortment of artistically cohesive styles and palettes in an attempt to engender an array of feelings in my customers.

Gerardo, the founder of Elquino Arte, is an artisan who works full-time creating functional products and art. He works exclusively in his techniques: leathercraft and micro-macrame. When he is not building his business, he participates in his community in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.



Elquino Arte