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I have been crocheting since my grandmother taught me when I was 11 years old. I crochet doilies in many sizes and colors, primarily using 100% all cotton thread. I enjoy creating my own patterns for the most part, but occasionally will use another artist’s pattern for inspiration and modify it to my own liking.

I run a store with my Artist daughter, Heather, in Springfield, Oregon. Much of my time is spent creating electrified hanging/tabletop lamps with my doily patterns, as well as Chakra garlands, vertical and horizontal, prayer flags, snowflake garlands, face scrubbies, hot pads, washcloths, earrings, masks, crochet covered tins (rustproof), Mardi Gras type masks, and plant hangers.

I also make hanging pendant lamps and tabletop lamps using my doilies. The doilies are placed on a ball, glued, and left to cure for 2 months. The hardened doily is removed and wired with a 15-foot cord (hanging) or 8-foot cord (tabletop) with an inline on and off switch. The tabletop version is wired into a wooden base of varying shapes, which have been sanded, stained, and sprayed with a clear water-resistant finish. Another method is used placing an unhardened doily over a clear acrylic sphere. Elastic is used to hold the doily onto the sphere allowing it to be removed for laundering if necessary. This style is also wired with a 15-foot/8-foot cord as described earlier. Globes are available in 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes.

In addition to my store on Etsy (link below), I sell from our store located at 331 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon and our website: https://haphazardcreativity.square.site

You can also contact me via Facebook @ Hap-hazard Creativity

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