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I’ve been creating and selling my copper fairies, dragonflies, butterflies, mermaids, dragons, and goddesses at the Oregon Country Fair for 23 years. Many of the fairy sculptures I create have their wings in the shapes of medicinal plant leaves. They serve as educational tools to teach their owners about the plants after which their wings are shaped. Ginkgo Biloba, raspberry, valerian, and hops are a few of the leaves I turn into fairy wings. I live with my husband and our son in Northern California. The inspiration for my work comes from spending many long hours out in the forest and on the beaches of Northern CA with my horse and family. I love working with mixed media. I primarily work with copper, glass, semi-precious stones, beads, shells, air plants, crystals, and obsidian wind chimes.

Many of the pieces I create have glass potion bottles, which are designed to hold essential oils or air plants. I love adding crystals which create beautiful rainbows when placed in the sun. I love crafting my work and bringing it to the Oregon Country Fair every July. I create a mossy, whimsical space for people to enter and see my work. The best part of it is meeting you.

Thank you,
Fairy Sarah

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Last updated on April 14th, 2023

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