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Handmade Natural Body Care made with super-natural ingredients, sassy sincerity, and apothecary style.
Everything Good – Nothing Bad

  • Cloud of Protection: Essential oils to clear the air and cleanse your space.
  • C Perfect Skin: Nutrient rich oils for your face with added vitamin C and essential oils blended for skin clarity, great for all skin types.
  • The Balm: Edible and essential oils for your skin, your hair and everywhere.
  • Bath Salt: relax and rejuvenate with Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Seaweed and essential oils.
  • Face Fix: Scrub and/or mask made with 12 organic herb powders, Clay and Jojoba beads.
  • Legs ‘n All: Stimulating essential oils mixed with delicious base oils and Horse Chestnut extract. Apply anywhere that can use a little perking up.

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Last updated on June 16th, 2021

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