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An Oregon Country Fair fixture since 1974, Lamplight Feather features a wide variety of decorative feathers, hand-tied feather earring originals, hair feathers, and other feather craft items.

Decorative feathers include natural and dyed ostrich, peacock, pheasant, macaw, and other hand-gathered shed feathers from exotic bird farms and pet owners. Feather earrings are hand-tied original creations by Tony, Adrienne, and Cedra. The hair feathers are decorative hair accessories installed at the booth or by the customer with supplied kits. The feather accessories vary from year to year, but have included barrettes, hair ties, pendants, and other original feather craft items by booth members.




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Our products include Barrettes, Earrings, Hats, Headbands.

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Last updated on June 23rd, 2021

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