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Hello Everyone!

I Hand-Carve Violins Violas and Cellos sometimes with Carved Heads of Bear and Boar – I make Electric Guitars and Basses that I Carve into Dragons and Mermaids and I inlay them with Abalone Flower Vine Inlays – and I Carve jewelers wax into Hummingbirds Roses and replicas of my Guitars that I cast into Silver and Gold! I am from Wisconsin and have been to Jamaica 25 times since 1975 and have done Benefits to help my Friends in Jamaica since Hurricane Gilbert! I moved to Oregon here in search of Hippies and I have my Booth at our Very Wonderful Oregon Country Fair where I have 50 of my Instruments on display with a continuous Jam Session so come and Join in the Music! I make my Music and Art because I believe with Music Art and Love We can End All War and have Peace on Earth – as JRR Tolkien wrote in his beginning book The Silmarillion – We Will All Make a Great Music for Peace!

Okay thank you bye-bye! Ya Mons and Ya Moms!!!

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Last updated on June 16th, 2021

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