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Organic Fruit Cooperative

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Website: https://www.growersmarket.net/

Last updated: March 25th, 2024

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About the Food Booth

This organization, the Growers Market Organic Fruit Cooperative, hereafter referred to as the Organic Fruit Coop, is organized and operated exclusively for not-for-profit fundraising and educational purposes. As such, the fruit booth’s primary purposes are:

To assist the community of the Oregon Country Fair in obtaining organic, sustainably produced, as local as possible foods such as fruits, nuts, and granola at low cost;

To promote Growers Market;

To promote the mission of food cooperatives and cooperative spirit through educational outreach and through the example of voluntary cooperative service at the Oregon Country Fair;

To provide an enjoyable fair experience that balances work and fun for those who give time and energy to the Organic Fruit Coop.



Organic Fruit Cooperative