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India House

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Last updated: June 4th, 2024

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About the Food Booth

Welcome to the vibrant tapestry of the Oregon Country Fair, where dreamers, musicians, artisans, performers, and healers converge, creating a magical atmosphere of creativity and celebration. Amid this lively atmosphere stands the INDIA HOUSE, a culinary gem that has been nourishing fairgoers since 1984.

Discover the rich history of INDIA HOUSE, where tradition and authenticity are at the forefront of every dish. Founded by Sebastian, this culinary haven features traditional East Indian cuisine prepared in a South Indian style, drawing inspiration from the flavors he cherished in his mother’s kitchen, creating a menu that reflects the essence of his childhood.

At INDIA HOUSE, every item boasts a symphony of flavors, featuring delectable curries, flavorful noodles, crispy samosas, and comforting chai tea. As you take in the enticing aroma of our dishes, you become a part of the INDIA HOUSE story.


India House