When and Where is the Fair?

The 53rd Annual Oregon Country Fair will be July 8, 9, 10 2022.  The Fair runs from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The Fair is 12 miles directly west of Eugene on Highway 126. Here’s a map


How do I buy tickets and how much are they?

Our ticket partner is TicketsWest.

Children 12 and under do not need a ticket, their admission is free!

Getting Here

What is the best way to get to the Fair?

The best way to get to the fair is to ride the bus! FREE shuttle buses leave from Valley River Center and the Downtown Eugene Station. You must have a ticket and provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR Covid-19 test taken within 24 hours to board the bus.

Is there handicapped or senior parking?

We have up-front parking for people with (any) state issued handicap parking placard displayed in the window in their car.

Is there a fee to park?

Parking costs $15 per day, per vehicle. Parking can be paid for when buying tickets through TicketsWest or when you arrive at the Fair site.

How to Participate – Volunteers, Crafters, Entertainers

How do I volunteer to work at the Fair?

The best way to get an adult volunteer job with the Fair is to talk to someone who is on a crew. You can also reach out to Alexis Maddock, our Volunteer Support Specialist by email at alexis@oregoncountryfair.org. If you don’t know anyone on a crew this year, please come as a guest this year and ask any of our work crews about volunteering for next year’s Fair.

You can keep up with Fair happenings by clicking on this link to accessing our newsletter, the Fair Family News. The newspaper, which is published 11 times a year, includes information about upcoming meetings and work parties. Showing up at a work party or highway pickup day is a great way to help the Fair and to meet other volunteers. There are many ways to volunteer to help the Fair that may not result in a camping pass right away, but the more you help out and the more people who know what a good worker you are and how much you love the Fair, the greater your chance of landing a position that will reward you with a camping pass.

How do I apply to sell food or crafts at the Fair?

All crafts and foods must be selected through an application process.  Seasonally, the applications are made available on our Applications Page.

How do I become a performer at the Fair?

Please check our website in December for applications to apply to the next year’s Fair.

So Much Fun

What is there to do at the Fair?

You can rock ‘n’ roll, you can belly dance, you can laugh your head off at the silly vaudevillians. You can eat delectable dishes until you think you can’t eat another bite, but then you see those desserts and somehow you find room. You can buy jewelry or furniture or a mask or any of hundreds of hand made crafts sold by the artisans themselves. You can get a relaxing massage, energy work, or get your Tarot cards read. You can march in parades. You can get your face painted. You can people watch like you’ve never people watched before.

What should (and shouldn’t) I bring?

Check out more advice on what to expect at the event.

What can I buy at the Fair?

There are over 80 food booths and strolling vendors offer tempting, tasty treats. More than 700 artisans offer an amazing array of crafts hand-made or gathered by the seller. Fabulous County Fair memorabilia is also available.

Can I bring in or purchase alcohol or marijuana at the Fair?

No, the Fair is a drug and alcohol-free event.

What types of food do you have?

Food is made on the premises but its origins are from all over the world: Italian, Greek, Thai, (East) Indian, cheesecake, tofu burgers, souvlaki, enchiladas, blintzes, pies, cookies, lemonade, smoothies, scrambled eggs. . . are you hungry yet?

When is the parade?

There are a number of parades throughout the day. The circus parade goes through at about noon and at about 4:00 p.m.

What kind of entertainment is there at the Fair?

Lots! Music of many varieties from large rock and roll bands to solo acoustic artists; the finest collection of vaudevillians since the 1920’s; puppets; parades, belly dancers; jugglers; tightrope walkers; choirs. . . we could go on and on. Please see the complete schedule on this website about June 1 of each year.

For the Little Ones

What is there for kids to do at the Fair?

The Fair is one big playground, with parades and face painting and entertainment to wow the little ones. Chela Mela Meadow and Xavanadu in particular offers lots of fun activities in which kids can participate from costume making to hula hooping.  With children 12 and under receiving free admission, there is no reason not to bring your whole family!

There is the Kids Loop, in the Wally’s Way area of the Fair, an unsupervised play area with climbing structures and other facilities to keep the little people happy. The Fair also has the Mellow Space, located adjacent to the Kids Loop, that offers people the opportunity to rest with their little ones. There is a diaper-changing table, a sink and a cushy place for time-outs and naps. Everyone who uses this facility must stay with his/her children at all times. This is a bring-your-own diapers area.

Is the music appropriate for children?

Absolutely! There is even a stage offering entertainment especially for and by the wee folks! That would be the Youth Stage, with puppets and songs and acrobats sure to wow kids of all ages.

Do you provide childcare?

Hello from the OCF Child Care Crew! We’re very excited for the return of an in-person Oregon Country Fair. Our crew is looking forward to fulfilling our mission to bring the magic of Fair to the youngest among us! Due to the challenges of the pandemic, however, our services are going to look a little bit different this year.

In the interest of keeping children and our crew mates safe, we will not be able to offer staff-supervised, checked-in childcare at either of our normal locations. We are extending our footprint on the children- and family-centered path, Wally’s Way, with a fully scheduled stage at New Kids Child Care along with the playground, free library, interactive games and many other enriching offerings. Our Sesame Street location is being reimagined as a neighborhood park-style family rest area with entertainers, family games, and other activities. We’re also expanding the rest areas for families with small children: Groover’s Grove on Sesame Street, Mellow Place on Wally’s Way, and new for 2022, Mellow Place 2 in the WorkIt Shop in Xavanadu!

We hope to be back next year with our traditional checked-in childcare and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause for our valued patrons.

What happens if I lose my child?

Child Care provides a 24-hour service for lost children at New Kids Child Care on Wally’s Way near the front of Fair. If you get separated from your little ones, just stop by any Info Booth or Fair Central, or flag down anyone on Security for immediate assistance. Don’t worry! We do our very best to turn tears into smiles as quickly as possible.

Services Rendered

What if I lose something at the Fair? How do I find it?

During the Fair: Check with the Odyssey Information booth where found items are taken. If your item is not there, fill out a lost and found report and keep checking back.

After the Fair: Call us at our Eugene office (541) 343-4298 or e-mail us at lostandfound@oregoncountryfair.org. We will do our best to re-unite you with your item. If you put your name on your item, it will be easier for us match you with your lost valuable. If you’re out of town, we can mail your item at your expense.

Is there a First Aid Station at the Fair?

White Bird Medical Clinic operates three first-aid stations, one near Main Stage, one at Odyssey Information near the admission gate and a third in Xavanadu. White Bird is staffed by nurses, doctors and other health care professionals who provide medical and crisis intervention services. More first aid information here.

Do you have wheelchairs for use?

Yes, we do, at Dragon’s Head. The crew can lend out wheelchairs, canes and crutches. They also provide: information, teenagers to push wheelchairs, pads, pencils and accessibility maps of the Fair.

Is there an ATM at the Fair?

There are five ATMs: two at the entrance and three at Main Stage.

Do you have backpack and package storage?

Backpacks and sleeping gear brought in by visitors are checked in the Backpack Check In near Dragon Admissions, which will be staffed from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. A package check is available for visitors at the WOW Hall booth located near Main Stage.

Do you have hand washing stations?

Yes. Hand washing facilities are at all the toilet stations.

Do you provide a map of the Fair?

Yes, you can find a map in The Peach Pit, our visitor’s guide, and at many locations throughout the Fair. Here is an online map too.

Does the Fair allow cigarette smoking?

Yes, but it is allowed only in designated smoking areas. Look for the signs with “butt cans.” We do not allow smoking on the paths or in or near booths.

Do you have a Visitor Guide?

Yes, we do! The Peach Pit is published once a year for the three-day event. It contains essential information for Fairgoers regarding on-site services and entertainment schedules for all the stages. The Peach Pit is distributed at TicketsWest outlets and other locations in the greater Eugene/Springfield area a couple of weeks prior to the Fair and on-site during the Fair days.

Is the Fair environmentally friendly?

The Fair, in collaboration with Eugene BioSource, has arranged to power all of its diesel equipment with 100% Biodiesel, a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oil which burns cleaner than petroleum diesel. The Fair is a “pack it in, pack it out” event, so if you brought it here, please take it with you when you leave. We use durable silverware at all our food booths. We have been recognized and awarded for our recycling and sustainability efforts.

What is the security like at the Fair?

We have a large security staff trained in non-confrontational peacemaking techniques. They’ll be wearing staff shirts and are here to assure we all have a safe and fun-filled adventure.

Is there an age limit to attend the Fair?


How many people attend the Fair?

We have about 45,000 people attend over the three-days of the event.

Is there a dress code?

Wear a costume or not. Wear comfortable shoes.

Is there a live broadcast of the entertainment?

The Main Stage activities are broadcast on KLCC, Blue Moon Stage on KRVM, and Hoarse Chorale on KOCF.

What is the toilet situation?

We have several banks of rented porta-potties and permanent toilet structures. There is no indoor plumbing.

Is nudity allowed at the Fair?

In accordance with Oregon law, people are required to cover their genitals in public.

Can I?

Can I video tape the performances?

No video cameras are allowed. Still cameras can be used through the Fair.

Can I bring my dog?

No, only service dogs are allowed at the Fair. More service dog information here.

Can I have a bbq in my camping spot?

Visitors camping at nearby campgrounds should check with the campground host.

Other OCF Events

How can I find out about the Culture Jam Youth Gathering?

Click here for information about Culture Jam.

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