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Oregon Country Fair emphasizes fellowship, innovation, integrity, non-violence, and reverence for the land.

The site, on the banks of the meandering Long Tom River, has been used for seasonal gatherings for thousands of years, as indicated by the archaeological evidence of camas-roasting ovens and flint knapping. It is flooded several times most winters. The site includes wetlands and uplands, forests and prairies, endemic and introduced plant and animal species, wildlife habitat, camp sites, parking lots, roads, bridges, public paths, and work zones. Indian Creek crosses the property in a constructed channel.

The Oregon Country Fair, in accordance with our policies and philosophies as stewards of the land, vows to restore and manage our lands and waters for the purpose of protecting and preserving its natural wonders, significant fields, forests, wetlands, rivers and streams, with all of its wildlife, in a natural state for the education, pleasure and recreation of the public now and in the future.

All Tickets are Green Tickets!
Each year, one dollar from the base price of all single day tickets and $3 from each three-day ticket purchased are automatically directed to ongoing projects that help the Fair be more sustainable. These include Peach Power/Alternative Energy and Durables/Zero Waste. Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket since we started this! You have helped make this expanded program a reality.

Watershed Enhancement
In keeping with our policy of responsible land management through watershed enhancement our staff and volunteers have been working to enhance Indian Creek, which is a vital component of our landscape. This project was funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

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Oregon Country Fair is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization & host of an annual 3-day event in Veneta, Oregon, which takes place every July.

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