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Michelle Alany and the Mystics

About the Entertainer

Michelle Alany and the Mystics is a fiddle-driven musical feast of Mediterranean and Eastern European-inspired folk and original music. The band brings together players that share years of international touring, cross-cultural collaborations and depth of musicianship. It features captivating Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish), Balkan and Klezmer original and traditional melodies, sharing songs as cultural vehicles for celebrating differences and similarities. The players bring mesmerizing and celebratory sounds of clarinet, accordion, percussion and strings. The band will bring fresh renderings of ancient melodies, hypnotic strings and passionate improvisation that will delight your senses, commune with your ancestors and stir your soul.

More Information

Website: http://www.michellealany.com/

Last updated: July 8th, 2024


Saturday, July 13

Michelle Alany and the Mystics

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
The Alcove - KOCF


Michelle Alany and the Mystics