Volunteering at Culture Jam

Empowering Youth to Take an Active Role in Creating a Positive Future

Volunteers are central to a successful Culture Jam gathering. Every year we bring together a dynamic group of artists, activists, performers, youth workers, educators, and other creative adults with over 50 teens. The youth and adults come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds to participate in a fabulous opportunity to learn about creating community and using the arts in working with young people. Year after year, we find that our adult volunteers gain as much from their experience at Culture Jam as the youth. Everyone thrives in an atmosphere where they feel free to relate to creative people of all ages. If you have not yet read about how Culture Jam came to the Fair go to our main Culture Jam page and take a look. You will also find a valuable video there: one of the camp model’s co-creator’s, Charlie Murphy, talks about the model and it’s purpose.

What They’re Saying

Here’s  some of what staff had to say:

“I am constantly amazed by the combination of creativity, inner work, activism, nature, diversity and respect that flourishes together at Culture Jam.”

“Once again I learned how inspirational and powerful this program is for youth and adults. Keep bringing it home!”

“I learned techniques and strategies to really help young people.”


• Youth Mentor Staff
As a Youth Mentor, you’ll be part of a close-knit and dynamic ensemble of adults that produces the event from start to finish. You get to be present for the young people, take an active role in creating and maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment, and offer workshops if you choose to. You will work closely with two highly trained lead facilitators and two camp managers. The facilitators hold the larger picture and lead the community of staff and youth throughout the week.  The camp managers work closely with and support the staff and facilitators while they manage camp logistics and administration.

Workshops in the following key learning areas are offered by staff throughout the event, they include nature education, inner work, creative arts, leadership and learning from difference. Not all staff members offer workshops, but many do. Depending on skill set, several staff will be asked to lead specific workshops and/or work with other staff members to coordinate evening programs and other activities.

• The Culture Jam Kitchen: The Culture Jam Kitchen is a hub of activity where dedicated volunteer staffers show-up for anywhere between one day and the whole week to give it their all. Youth and adult volunteers work with our chef to prepare delicious, healthy, homemade fare three times a day. Although Kitchen does not take part in workshops or evening events with the youth (except for Open Mic Nite!), they are at the very Heart of our community. To apply to volunteer in the CJ Kitchen, email the address below.

• Random Support: There is always something the camp managers need help with before, during or after the event. It could be as small as coming out for a few hours the day before the youth arrive to help us shop for odds and ends. We always need flowers for a special event we have mid-week. This kind of support is so valuable. Contact Robin if you think you can offer something like this.

Culture Jam depends on the help of so many and we appreciate your donation of time and dedication to youth. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: All adults must agree to a criminal background check in order to be considered. This information helps us provide a safe and secure environment for youth who participate in our programs.

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