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Assistance For Folks Who Are Alter-abled

Certain unavoidable conditions (dust, heat, crowds, uneven surfaces) make it unsafe for certain individuals. We will do our best to assist you with your particular situation.

If you are alter-abled, here’s how we can help . . .

4A – Alter-Abled Access Advocacy Crew

Alter-Abled Access Advocacy, also known as 4A, works to make the Fair accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 4A can be contacted at Dragon’s Head near the Main Gate or in their booth in Community Village (Fair Map). 4A crew members are also on duty in the parking lot, bus stop area and walking the paths of the Fair. Look for the 4A symbol on staff t-shirts.

4A monitors accessibility conditions during the Fair and helps to guide pre-Fair planning. If you have any concerns or suggestions about making the Fair more pleasant and safe for Alter-Abled people, please stop by either 4A booth or speak to a crew member.

4A Shaded Resting Spot

In Community Village, near the Growers Market Fruit Booth, 4A has a shaded resting spot which is also equipped with a clothes-changing area. Volunteers here can also assist with borrowing wheelchairs, canes or crutches.

Alter-Abled Parking

Folks who need handicapped parking must have a DMV placard on their vehicles. On-site parking is extremely limited. Please take advantage of FREE BUS SERVICE to and from Eugene.

Service Dogs

We welcome service dogs. Please have your dog wear a service vest so our security folks know the dog is permitted on the property. You can also pick up a laminate for the dog to identify him or her as a service dog . You can get those near the 4A Booth at the Dragon’s Head at the Fair entrance. Identification is not required, but you both will have a much better time if we can clearly see this is a service dog and no intervention is required.

Sign Language

American Sign Language Interpreters assist performers at many of the entertainment stages throughout the day. A full schedule of interpreter services will be available in the Peach Pit.

Wheelchairs, Canes, and Crutches

At Dragon’s Head, the crew can lend out wheelchairs, canes and crutches. They don’t take advance reservations for these items. Distribution is on a first-come, first served basis. They also provide: information, pads, pencils and accessibility maps of the Fair.