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Culture Jam

A Program of the Oregon Country Fair

An 8-day Gathering of Youth Who Care About The World and Its Future
Early August 2017 (exact dates TBA)


What’s Culture Jam?

Culture Jam is the Oregon Country Fair’s exciting 8-day, sleep away summer youth gathering located on a parcel of land at the site we call Alice’s Wonderland. 2016 will mark our 15th week-long event. The youth camp is based on the inspired Power of Hope (www.powerofhope.org) teen camp and the Creative Community Model created by Charlie Murphy and Peggy Taylor (www.pyeglobal.org). Through PYE, the Creative Community Model has spread internationally. Here’s a youtube video where Charlie Murphy explains how it all began and what happens during the week.

Culture Jam is a dynamic program where youth ages 14-18 discover their own sense of purpose and creative potential through high-energy, experiential, arts-centered programs. Young people have the unique opportunity to learn from and create meaningful relationships with adult social change activists, artists and nature educators who come to spend the week and share their expertise.

Culture Jam is committed to serving youth from diverse cultures and economic backgrounds. It is within this rich mix of difference that much of the electricity of our creativity is launched. The Culture Jam experience is for those who want to take an active role in creating a positive future and have a great time in the process.

What Goes On

Creative workshops are a part of daily life and choosing from multiple workshop opportunities is the norm: dancing, drumming, spoken word, nature appreciation, circus arts, theatre improvisation, fashion arts and singing, inner work and community activism — just a sampling. Writing and hip hop, painting, teaching each other things that are important to us; there is something for everyone. Culture Jam is also a place where learning about and sharing many points of view add to the mix. Staff and youth alike are thrown into the creative soup to create a tight-knit community that recognizes the power of appreciating difference.

How it Happened

In 2001, the OCF Board of Directors was so impressed by the exciting work that Power of Hope was doing with the young people of our world, that they voted unanimously to have the Fair sponsor a camp of our own based on the same model. In this way, the Fair can give back to the community. We are very lucky to have this incredible opportunity.

Today, after many years of careful tutelage of the Power of Hope organization and the hard work of the OCF Volunteer Youth Program Development Committee, Culture Jam has taken flight. In 2003, The City of Eugene Recreation Services got on board by providing registration, equipment, staff and scholarship support. And several charitable organizations who care about youth, especially the David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation of Arizona, and many generous individuals, have donated to the event financially through grant support or donations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are central to a successful Culture Jam gathering. Every year we bring together an amazing group of youth, artists, activists, youth workers, educators, and other creative adults. To apply to be a staff member at Culture Jam, contact the Fair office for details.

Click here for more info on volunteering –>>

Help Keep Us Jamming 

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All of Culture Jam’s direct costs are covered by grants, donations and participant fees. To keep fees down and scholarships available, donations are accepted—and are tax-deductible. Send your check to the Fair office or visit the Donate! page on this site to make a secure gift. Did you know that The Country Fair is an Oregon Cultural Trust match? Get a Oregon tax credit and double your donated dollars to the arts and cultural programming in Oregon. Call Robin at the Fair office for more info on supporting Culture Jam, 541.465.2230.

2016 Tuition



Scholarships are available. Ask for the OCF Scholarship Packet when registering.

2016 Culture Jam Registration Period

Returning Youth: April 1-April 15

New Youth Lottery: April 15-May 1

How to Register

Returning Youth: Please call the Fair office between the April 1-April 15, 2016 to sign-up. Have a credit card ready. We must have the $100 non-refundable deposit in order to save the space. As long as the returnee pays their $100 deposit fee during this period, they may have a space at Culture Jam 2016.

New Youth: Please call the Fair office between the April 15-May 1, 2016 to enter the lottery. This is not first-come-first serve, all names called in during this period will be added to the general lottery. For more information about how the Lottery works, see the Registration FAQ 2016.

If you have further questions feel free to contact us:

Culture Jam!
c/o The Oregon Country Fair
442 Lawrence St., Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 465-2230
Fax: (541) 343-6554

About being volunteer staff at Culture Jam

Can’t make Culture Jam dates or don’t get in via the Lottery this year? Consider going to one of our partner camps!  These organizations are producing the very same camp model as we are–the Creative Community Model. Check them out, go on an adventure!

Partner Camps
July 13-20, 2016 | Power of Hope at Commonweal | Bolinas CA, US
July 5-13 & 17-25, 2016| Power of Hope CA | Cortes Island BC, Canada
July 17-23, 2016 | IndigenEYEZ Camp | BC, Canada
July 29-Aug 5, 2016 | Power of Hope CampWhidbey Island WA, US