Update from our Executive Director

posted on Apr 21, 2020

Greetings Fair Family,

Over the past several weeks, life has changed for all of us. From social distancing to working from home to wearing PPE like homemade masks, we all are adjusting to a different way of life built on hope, creativity, and community while bound by one question: “When is this going to end?” We don’t really know.

The Oregon Country Fair is embracing the unknown for the 2020 Fair. I can promise you that the Fair Management and Board of Directors are carefully reviewing all options and considering all factors that weigh into decisions that have to be made. Decisions that we know will have a profound impact on all of us, including communities local to the Fair.

As many already realize, the gathering in July will probably not be happening, at least in any way that resembles what we are familiar with. There is an opportunity for us all to work on what the Fair could look like outside of gathering together physically. While we are not yet ready to officially and fully cancel the July gathering, we can advise that you hold off from making any plans or commitments for it.

Please know that we are working diligently with Lane County, the City of Veneta, and others, to do whatever is necessary to preserve the future of the Fair, not only for the Fair Family, but for the organizations the Fair supports, and the local businesses that rely on Fair-goers and the Fair itself for patronage.

We understand and appreciate the time, love, creativity, and dedication all of you have for the Fair and for each other. For many, it is a touchstone for what is good, what can be, and what is best. These times require an imaginative and meaningful Fair Family transition to new opportunities to connect with each other. I encourage you to reach out to each other. Help us all remember that Oregon Country Fair is not just three days every July, but a year-round way to live in the world with each one of us anchoring a valuable place in it.

Over the next few weeks, I ask for your patience, understanding, and good thoughts as we move closer to making decisions about the Oregon Country Fair for 2020. We will let everyone know more about the status of the 2020 Oregon Country Fair as it becomes available.

Thank you.

Wally Bomgaars