Schedule of Events

Peach Stream

11:06 AM      Fooble the Dragon
12:08 PM      Five Women Leaders of OCF
1:10 PM        Espacio Flamenco
2:10 PM        Meredith Axelrod
3:10 PM        Jim Page
3:59 PM        Baby Gramps
4:59 PM        Inspire
6:01 PM        Kyoshi
7:02 PM        11:11
8:01 PM        Tobias the Owl
9:00 PM        Left on Wilson
10:01 PM      Lost Ox

11:03 AM      Jenuwine the Unicorn
11:31 AM      Earthcapades
11:42 AM      Lemondrop Fairy
12:02 PM      Invisible Art Project
12:58 PM      Mark Harris
2:01 PM        Adam East and Kris Deelane
2:56 PM        Heartstrings Project
3:57 PM        Radar Angels
4:41 PM        Kef
5:01 PM        Other Magic
6:01 PM        m5
6:42 PM        Lafa Taylor
7:00 PM        Arc in Movement
8:00 PM        Spunj
9:00 PM        Upstate Quartet
10:02 PM      Vaudeville

11:02 AM      Melanie DeMore
12:03 PM      Garden Critter Academy
12:34 PM      Cello Joe
1:21 PM        Family Flamenco
2:22 PM        Stumptown Jug Thumpers
3:12 PM        Smalltime (w/ Katie Sontag)
4:13 PM        The Shift
5:15 PM        Curtis Carlyle + Tera the Supernova Strongwoman
6:02 PM        Free Creatures
6:59 PM        Michelle Alany Experience
7:58 PM        Sequel
8:58 PM        Token Rhymes
9:57 PM        High Step Society

Live StreamHoarse Chorale Performances

11:30  Soul Vibrator
12:45  Henry Holden
2:00    Never Ever Band
3:15    Higher Love Band
4:30    Pitchwood
5:45    Uncle Stumbles
6:55    Almond Butters Band

11:30  John Shipe
12:45  Corwin Bolt & The Wingnuts
2:00    Sequel
3:15    Wellington Drive
4:30    Missoula Flood
5:45    Rudolph Korv
6:55    Tia Carroll

Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Open Houses

*To actively participate, fill out this form and we’ll send you the Zoom link

10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
1:00 AM      Nancy Goodman
12:00 PM      *Robin Quirke
01:00 PM      *Diversity Committee
02:15 PM      *Respect(Ed)
03:30 PM      *Holistic Resistance
04:45 PM      *Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Panel Open House
06:30 PM      Host
07:00 PM      Inspire

10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
11:00 AM      5 Women Leaders of OCF
12:00 PM      *Rainbow Connection
01:15 PM      *TransPonder
02:30 PM      *Ayisha Elliot
03:45 PM      *Kemy Joseph
05:00 PM      Stringmaking
05:30 PM      Community Conversation
06:00 PM      OCF Land
07:00 PM      Inspire

10:00 AM      Jeff Eichen Intro
10:30 AM      Stringmaking
11:00 AM      HI Training
12:00 PM      *Steve Newcomb & Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
03:00 PM      *Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
04:00 PM      *Lane East Asian Network
05:15 PM      *BIPOC Sanctuary
06:30 PM      Community Conversation
07:00 PM      Inspire

Community Village Stream

10:00 AM      Council Intro Video
10:01 AM      HOST  Omo
10:05 AM      Community Village Opening Circle Ceremony
10:28 AM      STEEL WOOL My Country Fair
10:35 AM      Sunrise Dance from Jasmine Grave
10:39 AM      HOST  Omo
10:43 AM      What is Youth Power
10:51 AM      Youth Gabriel Warren Tap Dance
10:53 AM      Lego OCF 2021 by Woodsie
10:56 AM      Frog Jokes
10:58 AM      “Cart coming through” + HOST  Omo
11:04 AM      David Rodgers Morning Set
11:10 AM      Rob Tobias and Friends
11:23 AM      Wild Edibles Booth intro
11:28 AM      Normal Fauna, Ruby Chocolate
11:31 AM      HOST Omo
11:37 AM      Omo sings for you
11:46 AM      Honk United  – brass & percussion bands as an activist tool
11:53 AM      Planet vs Pentagon
12:00 PM      HOST  Sam
12:06 PM      Woodlander, Full Throttle Folk
12:19 PM      Health & Healing Booth intro
12:25 PM      Health & Healing Relax Tips
12:28 PM      Community Village History
12:36 PM      HOST Sam
12:40 PM      Joey Helpish – Autism Screams
12:44 PM      Ben Luskin Workshop Intro
12:46 PM      the Macks, Rock and roll, psych, blues, punk
12:57 PM      Hug Reel #1
12:58 PM      Frog Jokes
12:59 PM      HOST Sam
1:03 PM        Earthquake info and prep with Jason Patton
1:18 PM        Sunheart, tantric devotional acid folk
1:25 PM        Brian Cutean, veteran Fair Family
1:37 PM        HOST Sam
1:39 PM        STEEL WOOL – Candy – acoustic rock reborn
1:43 PM        Tara Velarde, Diva Blues Rock and Soul
1:52 PM        Rainbow Village
2:00 PM        HOST Tave
2:05 PM        Alex Winters, Rock-pop songs for wayward souls
2:21 PM        The Raventones “Journey over the Dunes”
2:24 PM        Never Ever Band, just like nighttime on the path
2:35 PM        HOST Tave
2:40 PM        Hug Reel 2
2:41 PM        Tim Mueller “You’re My Butterfly”
2:44 PM        More Frog Jokes
2:45 PM        Tave Kate and Little Sue, a three-pack of gals do Bob Dylan songs
2:58 PM        Even More Frog Jokes
2:59 PM        HOST Tave
3:06 PM        Mudzidzi Mbira, mbira music trancey and dancey
3:23 PM        Kudana, Afro-marimba infused with love
3:56 PM        Tim Mueller – Ray Gun
4:00 PM        HOST Jim Page
4:07 PM        Tom Noddy, Bubble magic!
4:34 PM        Joanne Rand, Psychedelic-Folk-Revival
4:50 PM        Normal Bean “Think I’m High”
4:58 PM        HOST Jim Page
5:02 PM        Jim Page performs live from his new CD
5:24 PM        Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show, Political satire through music and drama
5:43 PM        TR Kelly for KindTree – Autism Rocks
5:45 PM        Raventones – Different Kinda Human Being
5:50 PM        Fox n Bones – Really awesome modern vintage, folk-pop duo
5:57 PM        Don’t Kill Polar Bears
6:00 PM        HOST Steve Brown
6:05 PM        Hug Reel #3
6:06 PM        Golden Ours, ethereal rock band
6:12 PM        David Rodgers Evening Set
6:23 PM        Frog is Funny
6:24 PM        Pete Kartsounes, award-winning singer-songwriter
6:28 PM        Chris Chandler, Spoken word with music
6:35 PM        Host Steve Brown
6:38 PM        STEEL WOOL – Just Maybe – acoustic rock reborn
6:45 PM        STEEL WOOL – Love is the Power
6:51 PM        Schmoke anda Pancake, Oregon “greeen grass” alt bluegrass duo
6:55 PM        The Feelings Parade, a movement as much as it is a band
7:00 PM        HOST Steve Brown
7:05 PM        LIVE Broth Band, R&B
7:45 PM        FROG! YES!
7:46 PM        Dusky Blues, blues and more blues
8:02 PM        HOST Steve Brown
8:06 PM        LIVE  Bluphoria, R&B
8:46 PM        Gazelles, trippy Instrumental Postrock
9:03 PM        HOST Steve Brown
9:09 PM        Still More Frog
9:11 PM        Druid Sisters, eclectic world fusion dance band
9:24 PM        Gumbo Groove, bluegrass, folk, rock and country all mixed up = fungrass
9:42 PM        Brightside Blue, heart and soul filled vocals with virtuosic guitar-work and live looping
9:54 PM        HOST Steve Brown…time to say goodbye till next year…
9:59 PM        Hug Reel #4
10:00 PM      Fire Dancing by Jasmine Graves
10:03 PM      Sweep ’em on out!