DEI Committee Fundraiser

posted on Dec 11, 2020

Greetings Fair Community,

Join us in our campaign to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Fair. 

Although many people think of the Fair as a warm and  welcoming space, this feeling isn’t shared among all in our community. Inequity, cultural appropriation, and harmful actions too often create an unfriendly environment for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. The Fair Family is now taking a deeper look into what it means to be a truly diverse community and has proposed initiatives that will move us toward the organization we need to be.

In the recent national climate of calling communities to action to address racial inequities, the atrocities suffered within communities of color and are being validated on a larger scale by white bodied people. The Fair understands the great need within our family to ensure that all members of marginalized groups feel both welcome and supported in seeking justice and change. In an effort to make our organization more fair and equitable, the Fair has begun work to heal the systemic racism and oppression within our community. 

The dedicated volunteers comprising the Diversity Committee have proposed a series of initiatives to the Board of Directors. The intent is to set a new direction for the Fair that builds diversity, equity and inclusion into the fabric of our community. The Fair has committed financial resources toward this initiative, but due to the impact of canceling this year’s event our finances are limited. We hope you can join us in this work by making a donation.

We need your help so that:

  • The Fair’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program can be developed under the guidance of consultants with the required  expertise and training ability 
  • An equity and inclusion education program can be developed and made available to all staff, persons in leadership positions, volunteers, and booth representatives
  • The Fair archives structural change that creates a culture of equity and inclusion that we can all celebrate

We believe that doing this work within our organization is the best way to support the larger social justice movement spreading  across the country. Your donation will help ensure that the Fair is a welcoming place – for everyone.

We hope you will support our goals  through your tax-deductible contribution. To learn more about this campaign and to make your gift, please visit the Oregon Country Fair donation page. And make sure to visit the Merch Sales portal for special Oregon Country Fair merchandise to show your support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion!

Thank you!