Child Care at The Fair – 2022

posted on Jun 08, 2022

Hello from the OCF Child Care Crew! We’re very excited for the return of an in-person Oregon Country Fair. Our crew is looking forward to fulfilling our mission to bring the magic of Fair to the youngest among us! Due to the challenges of the pandemic, however, our services are going to look a little bit different this year.

In the interest of keeping children and our crew mates safe, we will not be able to offer staff-supervised, checked-in childcare at either of our normal locations. We are extending our footprint on the children- and family-centered path, Wally’s Way, with a fully scheduled stage at New Kids Child Care along with the playground, free library, interactive games and many other enriching offerings. Our Sesame Street location is being reimagined as a neighborhood park-style family rest area with entertainers, family games, and other activities. We’re also expanding the rest areas for families with small children: Groover’s Grove on Sesame Street, Mellow Place on Wally’s Way, and new for 2022, Mellow Place 2 in the WorkIt Shop in Xavanadu!

We hope to be back next year with our traditional checked-in childcare and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause for our valued patrons.

With Love,

OCF Child Care Crew