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Facilities and Services

You can find services and facilities in your map found in the Peach Pit. The Peach Pit is distributed at TicketsWest outlets and other locations in the greater Eugene/Springfield area a couple of weeks prior to the Fair and on­site during the Fair days upon entry or at any information booth. You can download a visitor map here.


There are three ATMs: two at the entrance and one at Main Stage. Look at the visitor map in your copy of the Peach Pit, or drop by the nearest Info Booth for directions.

Medical/First Aid

White Bird Medical Clinic operates two first aid stations, one near Main Stage and one at Little Wing in Xavanadu. White Bird is staffed by nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals who provide medical and crisis intervention services. Information Booths are also equipped with items for minor first aid.

In an emergency go to the nearest Information Booth. If you cannot find one, ask at the nearest craft or food booth for directions. Each Information Booth can quickly contact emergency services.


There are both portable and vault style toilet facilities at the fair. See the map in the Peach Pit for the nearest toilet facilities or ask at your nearest info booth. Hand washing facilities are at all the toilet stations.

Drinking Water

There are drinking water stations located around the fair. See the map in the Peach Pit for the nearest drinking fountain or ask at your nearest info booth.


There are both public and private showers available to purchase at The Ritz as well as solar showers for purchase in Energy Park. See the map in the Peach Pit for these locations or ask at your nearest info booth for directions.


Childcare facilities are available at either Child Care on Sesame Street (booth 333), across from the Ritz Sauna; or New Kids Child Care on Wally’s Way. Visitor pay $2.00 pe hour. We are dedicated to providing an enriching (and entertaing) experience in a safe, secure place where children can learn, play and relax while you get a break from parenting while you enjoy the Fair! Of course, we cannot accept hungry children, bare butts, diapers or training pants. Hungry kids aren’t usually happy kids, so we have a limit of two hours per visit, but please visit as often as you like!

Lost Children

Child Care provides 24-hour service for lost children and parents. Our trained staff are in constant contact with Information Booths through the Fair. We do our very best to turn tears to smiles as quickly as possible. Contact Security, Fair Central or Child Care staff at either New Kids Child Care on Wally’s Way or Sesame Street Child Care (booth 333) across from the Ritz Sauna for assistance.

Kid Friendly Areas

Kids Loop, across from New Kids Child Care on Wally’s Way, is an unsupervised play area with climbing structures and other facilities to keep the little people happy.

Child Care offers two special places just for kids with grown-ups. Mellow Space is located adjacent to the New Kids Child Care on Wally’s Way and Groover’s Grove is adjacent to Child Care on Sesame Street. These areas have diaper-changing tables and cushy places for breaks and naps. Adults must be accompanied by a child. No diapers are supplied and we ask that you take  your used diapers with you.

Diaper Service

BRING Recycling will provide diaper service from its booth in Energy Park. Cloth diapers will be available for $10.00 per dozen with a $30.00 refundable deposit. Plastic storage bags and pins are available, but diaper covers are not. Diapers can be rented or returned during Fair hours. Diaper service is located on Wally’s Way, just down from Childcare. Hours are 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, Friday and Saturday and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday.

Info Booths

There are many information booths evenly distributed around the fair. Information booths provide answers to your most common questions and can get you a Peach Pit, as well as directions to a certain craft, food item, service or facility within the Fair. Information booths are each equipped with knowledgeable volunteers and communication equipment to summon help in the event of an emergency or to facilitate lost children or parents if necessary. Consult your map or ask at any booth and chances are you are closer to one than you think!

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located in the Odyssey Information booth. Found items can be turned in at Information booths and from there will be transferred to Odyssey Information after about 6:00 pm each day of the Fair. Lost items may also be reported to the Odyssey Information booth and after the Fair by calling 541-343-4298 or by e-mail at lostandfound@oregoncountryfair.org. We will do our best to reunite you and your item. If we recover your item after the Fair, we’ll mail it to you at your expense. If you don’t hear from us within two weeks, it’s because we don’t have your item. Because of the volume of reported lost items, we cannot return phone calls if we don’t have your item. Please do not call the office to follow-up. Please consider putting some identification on your item that will help us reunite you quicker. All unclaimed found items will go to charity after 30 days of the Fair. Please contact the office if you wish to put an ad in the Fair Family News, our monthly newsletter for Fair workers. The Fair will not be liable for lost or stolen property anywhere on site, including the parking lots.


Riding your bike out to the fair? There will be plenty of bike racks at this site. BIKES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SHUTTLE BUSES.

Backpack Check

Backpacks and gear brought in by those of you who have purchased day or 3-day tickets through our ticket service (TicketsWest), can be checked in the Backpack Check Inn near Dragon Admissions. It will be staffed from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m each day. A package check is also available at the WOW Hall booth located near Main Stage. The Oregon Country Fair will diligently and securely watch your gear but is not liable for lost or stolen gear.


The Fair is a “pack it in, pack it out” event, so if you brought it here, please take it with you when you leave. If you have questions about recycling or garbage in Lane County, stop by the BRING Recycling Booth in Energy Park. With everyone participating, it is possible to keep the great circle of life we live in strong and healthy for future generations. The beauty and joy we experience here at the Fair site is a clear and present reminder to love Mother Earth. She is the only one we have.

Cell Phones

We have a solar powered cell phone charging station at the Dragon in the admissions area. Bring your charger, plug it in, and we’ll give you a ticket – much like a coat check at an indoor concert. Be aware that cell phone service can be pretty spotty here at our most crowded times, but keep trying!