Photo of Past Oregon Country Fair Events


Childcare facilities are available to visitors at booth 333 and at New Kids Way for $1.00 per hour. Because of sanitary reasons, we cannot offer care to children in diapers. There is a limit of two hours per visit. We are dedicated to making Childcare facilities safe and pleasant places for your children to play and to giving you a break from parenting while you enjoy the Fair.

Kid Friendly Areas

Kids Loop, on the Left Bank area of the Fair, is an unsupervised play area with climbing structures and other facilities to keep the little people happy.

Mellow Space, locate adjacent to the Kid's Loop, offers people the opportunity to rest with their little ones. There is a diaper-changing table, a sink and a cushy place for time-outs and naps. Everyone who uses this facility must stay with his/her children at all times. This is a bring-your-own diapers area.

Diaper Service

BRING Recycling will provide diaper service for our newest generation. Visit us by New Kids' on Wally's Way. Diapers may be checked out and returned Thursday from 12 to 7 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7 pm, and Monday 10am to 12pm. The cost is $10.00 per dozen plus a $20.00 returnable deposit. Complimentary plastic storage bags and diaper pins are provided as needed. We can also accommodate folks needing fewer than one dozen diapers. Using this service is a great way to help move the Fair towards zero waste while protecting the health and safety of the Sanitation and Recycling Crew.

Lost Kids

Child Care provides a 24-hour service for lost children. We are in constant contact with Information Booths through the Fair. We do our utmost to turn tears to smiles as quickly as possible. We will receive children lost in the Left Bank area of the Fair at Mellow Place from approximately 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.