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How To Participate

Craft, Food, Entertainment and Art Installations

Applications to Perform at the 2017 Fair are now available.We are also accepting applications for Art and Educational offerings. The due date for these Applications is February 2017.  Both can be found on our Applications Page.

Applications to vend a food or craft item at the 2017 Fair will be available January 2017.

Volunteering, Teens Ages 14 Through 18

The Oregon Country Fair Teen Crew is a program set up for the sons/daughters/grand kids, etc. of the folks who work, volunteer, and entertain at the Fair. Applications are available around March 15 each year.

Volunteering, Adults

The best way to get an ADULT volunteer job with the Fair is to talk to someone who is on a crew. We do not have a central process for taking on new volunteers; each crew does its own hiring. If you don’t know anyone on a crew this year, please come as a guest this year and ask any of our work crews about volunteering for next year’s Fair.

You can keep up with Fair happenings by clicking on this link to access our newsletter, the Fair Family News. The newspaper includes information about upcoming meetings and work parties. Showing up at a work party or highway pickup day is a great way to help the Fair and to meet other volunteers. There are many ways to volunteer to help the Fair that may not result in a camping pass right away, but the more you help out and the more people who know what a good worker you are and how much you love the Fair, the greater your chance of landing a position that will reward you with a camping pass.