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2019 Applications

FOOD VENDORS: Share your yummy creations at the Fair! Please check back in December 2018 for information on becoming a food vendor in 2019.

CRAFTERS: Applications to vend your art at the 2019 event will be posted in January.  We are a handcrafted, juried artisan Fair, so be prepared with your photos of your beautiful work!

LOGO ITEM: This application is for already juried crafters only. If accepted, the artisan is able to put the Fair logo or the words ‘Oregon Country Fair’ on their craft for the coming fair. This will be posted in January, 2019 also.

ESOTERIC ARTS: This is where you would apply for your spiritual, divining or healing services to be offered at the Fair.  Yes, the applications will also be avaiilable in January.

ENTERTAINMENT: November 15th, 2019 applications to perform at the fair will be made available.  Our many stages provide venues for spoken word, vaudeville, musicians and dance troops.  Show us what ya got!

ART AND EDUCATION:  This application is for artists who would like to create interactive installation art and workshops and performances that highlight our interest in sustainability, land stewardship and the Fair’s philanthropic activities year-round.  Get creative, artsy and resourceful in your ideas.

POSTER ARTIST:  Please appply to create one of our amazing posters.  The Fair has a rich history of having an eye-catching poter for each event.  We are currently accepting applications to design the 2020 poster!  Visit http://oregoncountryfairposter.com/ for information and inspiration!

VOLUNTEERS: We do not have an application for volunteers. Please see our “How to Participate” page for information about volunteering.